Leeway Ceramic Tile: Your Source for Tile in Peoria, IL

If you're looking a trusted source for tile in Peoria, then you have come to the right place. Leeway Ceramic Tile is recognized as a leading tile dealer in the central Illinois area. With a unique offering of domestic and international tile, tile-specific cleaning and maintenance products, and an experienced staff of professionals, there's no better place to shop for tile in Peoria. tile Peoria il

Leeway Ceramic Tile has stayed true to its roots as a family owned and operated tile dealer and distributor. For over the 30 years, the company has helped both homeowners and contractors in make their projects come to life.

>Why Choose Leeway for Tile in Peoria, IL?

With Leeway Ceramic Tile, you can explore a vast product line of extraordinary colors, decorative designs, and sizes to fit every décor. Most tile products are adaptable to both interior and exterior applications, and can be installed by adept do-it-yourselfers.

In addition to being sanitary and easy to maintain and clean, the spectrum of hard surface flooring at Leeway Ceramic Tile offers timeless beauty for many different applications. The company's product line of tile offers an extraordinary array of decorative designs, colors, and sizes to fit every décor.

The tile specialists of Leeway Ceramic Tile stay abreast the latest tiles, technologies, and process in the tile industry. Additionally, Leeway Ceramic Tile offers vast experience serving many types of clients in Peoria in throughout central Illinois, including homeowners, developers and designers, architects, tile contractors, and dealers.

Whatever your tile project may be, you can trust in the experts at Leeway Ceramic Tile to help bring it to life. To learn more, contact Leeway Ceramic Tile or call (309) 694-3020 for more information.

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